Using Videos in Email Marketing and Social Media

Do you ever feel like your emails and social posts just get drowned out in all the online noise nowadays? It’s difficult to capture people’s attention – with so much content flooding everyone’s inboxes and feeds daily, it’s an uphill battle to make your brand stand out. But there’s a secret content weapon that can be a total game-changer for you: using videos in your email marketing and social media strategies.

Creating video content might sound intimidating or daunting if you haven’t explored that realm yet. You’re probably wondering if it’s too technically complicated or time-consuming for the potential payoff. But trust me, as someone who’s been producing all kinds of videos for years, the effort is 100% worth it for you as a marketer. Videos offer an incredibly engaging way to capture your audience’s interest and make your brand’s messaging pop! Think about how often you have been mindlessly scrolling social media, only to suddenly stop and watch some random video that grabbed your attention. We humans are just instinctively attracted to dynamic, visually-stimulating content.

So, let’s take a deep dive into all the powerful reasons you need to start incorporating more video into your email and social media marketing mix:

Increased Engagement Rates

You want your email subscribers and social followers to actually consume and interact with the content you put out there, not just blindly scroll past it, right? Well, using video gives you a massive advantage on that front. Viewers are exponentially more likely to watch and engage with video content versus simply reading text-based posts or emails. Videos are just naturally more captivating and “sticky” at holding someone’s focus for longer periods of time.

The more engaged your audience is with your brand’s videos, the stronger the connection and loyalty you’ll build. They’ll start to know, like, and trust you in a much more powerful way compared to just seeing static words or images. Those emotional reactions and positive associations pay dividends in the form of higher conversion rates and customer lifetime value for your business down the line. It’s a total win-win!

Higher Conversion Rates

Of course, at the end of the day you want all your marketing efforts to directly translate into more conversions, sales, and revenue growth. Study after study shows that campaigns incorporating video consistently generate significantly higher conversion rates compared to those without videos. And you don’t have to be a marketing analyst to understand why.

Video gives you the ability to showcase your products, services, brand personality, and value proposition in a rich, dynamic, visually-appealing way that resonates with people at a deeper level. While written descriptions and static imagery can certainly convey information, videos allow you to connect with your audience’s emotions, desires, and motivations in a more impactful way. When people are engaged, inspired, and “wowed” by what they’re seeing and hearing in one of your videos, they’re exponentially more likely to take the desired action you’re aiming for – whether that’s making a purchase, signing up for a free trial, booking an appointment, or whatever your core conversion goal may be.

Improved Click-Through Rates

This benefit is crucial if you want to start driving more traffic, leads, and sales from your email and social marketing campaigns, which I know you do! Including even just one well-produced video can massively elevate your click-through rates on those promotional posts and emails. Why? Because compelling videos spark people’s curiosity and create a sense of additional value or insights waiting on the other side of that click. They entice viewers in a way that plain text simply cannot.

Video content is also far more efficient at quickly delivering informative and persuasive messaging in a package that’s easy for people to mentally digest and absorb. Rather than having to read and imagine details, you’re visually showing and telling your audience directly – no Translation required. So, when your emails and social posts give them an engaging, bite-sized video preview of what they’ll get by clicking-through, you’re far more likely to inspire that action.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

We’re all battling for more online mindshare and market visibility these days. In this uber-crowded content landscape, building strong brand recognition and memorability is absolutely vital if you want to continue growing and thriving. That’s where video can give you a significant leg up on competitors still stuck in the old text and image-only ways of marketing.

Human beings are naturally wired to pay closer attention to and develop stronger mental associations with dynamic audiovisual experiences like videos. Think about it – aren’t you personally more likely to remember and feel a connection to brands that have created fun, interesting videos you’ve enjoyed watching and engaging with in the past? Those dynamic, multi-sensory content pieces just hit our brains sticker and linger in our consciousness in a deeper way.

Beyond just being more memorable in your audience’s minds, videos also tend to beget more social shares and word-of-mouth promotion, helping your brand get discovered and recognized by new potential customers you may have never reached through other traditional marketing channels. If you truly want to amplify your brand’s voice, video is your best avenue for increasing that online awareness and reaching more of your ideal target audience.

Ability to Showcase Products/Services Awesomely

Let’s say you’re looking to drive more sales of your core products or services – chances are you’ve already tried your hand at writing persuasive, benefit-oriented website and email copy describing what you offer, right? Maybe you’ve even incorporated some nice product photography or graphics to help illustrate the key features and use cases. While those written and visual assets are certainly helpful and important, they still lack the vital “wow” factor of showing your offerings in a dynamic, living context.

But with video, you can truly bring your products and services to life in a way that resonates with people on a deeper level. You can give viewers a visually-compelling, cinematic look at your offerings actively being used, demonstrated, or experienced in insanely compelling ways. You can show the value in action rather than just telling. You can highlight all those little micro-moments and special features that mere descriptive text could never properly capture.

Most importantly, by harnessing the magic of motion, sound, and creative visual storytelling through videos, you can spark emotional connections and desire in your customers’ minds. You make them feel inspired and motivated to want to experience those products or services for themselves. And at the end of the day, making people feel those powerful emotional urges is what separates the mediocre marketers from the great ones who drive massive sales success.

Expanded Social Media Reach

I know one of your core goals is to keep expanding your online presence, authority, and reach to connect with more of your ideal target audience, right? Well, video content is your ticket to fuelling that rapid follower growth and social media expansion you’re seeking.

Thanks to how heavily video-centric and engagement-driven most major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have become, your video content now has a way better chance of gaining viral traction and getting seen by masses of new potential viewers and followers that you could never have reached through traditional posting alone. Social media’s algorithms today are actively prioritizing video over most other content because of how sticky and shareworthy it tends to be.

So every time you publish a entertaining, informative, creative, or thought-provoking video for your brand, you’re giving it a much higher probability of receiving an avalanche of likes, comments, and shares from your existing audience – thereby exposing it to all their friend networks. And each subsequent interaction and share increases the viral velocity exponentially.

Keep knocking out a steady stream of highly-engaging, strategic video content published natively to all your priority social channels, and you’ll quickly be able to grow a much larger, more passionate community of followers from well beyond your own core audience. Those increased reach numbers open up endless new opportunities for marketing, sales, and revenue growth down the line. It’s a long-term compounding effect you can’t afford to ignore!

More Personalized Customer Connections

In this age of AI automation and anonymous internet interactions, people are craving more authentic human-to-human connections, even with the brands they follow and spend money with. And video offers the perfect medium for you to build those deeper, more personalized relationships with your audience and customer base.

Rather than just putting out a faceless stream of promotional content, you can start using selectively-crafted videos as a way to invite people into your world, give them a window into your brand’s culture and personality, and have transparent, intimate conversations in an audiovisual format that creates far more intimacy and rapport.

You can have your company’s leaders, influencers, and other “human” faces go on camera to speak directly to your viewers, get personal, show off their expertise, and just be themselves in a relatable way. You can take viewers behind-the-scenes with fun, casual video vignettes from your office culture. You can create educational video series that position your team as trusted authorities and subject matter experts.

The possibilities are endless for finding creative ways to humanize and make your brand feel more personal, approachable, and trustworthy through thoughtfully-crafted videos. And those emotional connections you’ll forge will pay dividends in the form of more loyal, invested super-fans and long-term customers for your business.

Way Better Inbox Deliverability

This one is absolutely massive if you’re an experienced email marketer who’s constantly battling those dreaded spam and promotion filters from Gmail, Outlook, etc. I know you invest tons of effort into crafting those email campaigns, so having them all get caught by the wrong filters would be a total nightmare and waste of time/resources.

Well, here’s some good news for you: most major email service providers like Gmail utilize advanced machine learning algorithms these days to identify spammy messaging and low-quality promotions. However, those same AI filters are also trained to recognize true value and audience engagement signals like those videos provide.

So, by strategically incorporating rich video content into your email campaigns, you’re essentially putting a giant green flag in those algorithms’ eyes that says “Hey, this is an email people want to open and engage with!” Video’s ability to maximize open rates, click metrics, dwell times, and other positive signals tells ESPs like Gmail that your messages deserve prioritized inbox placement – not the spam pen.

And that’s not even mentioning the base novelty factor and “curiosity gap” that just having video thumbnails visible in email inboxes can create these days when everyone else is just sending text-based blasts. People are conditioned to crave and click on those multimedia elements peppering their inbox scans now. It’s a great way to instantly increase open rates and engagement right off the bat.

Deeper Email Tracking & Optimization

Speaking of cranking up those engagement numbers, video will also provide you with way richer, more granular data insights around how your email recipients and customers are truly interacting with and resonating with that multimedia content you’re putting in front of them.

Most quality video hosting platforms these days go way beyond just basic view counts. With their advanced video analytics suites, you can gain hyper-specific visibility into metrics like:

Overall watch time and drop-off rates

Audience attention span and re-watch metrics

Embedded video engagement like rewinds, replays, full-screens, etc.

Conversion uplifts and purchase paths from video

And much more…

All of these micro-details around how people are actually paying attention to and self-selecting interest in the different video assets you’re producing can be transformative for optimizing future content efforts. You’ll gain x-ray vision into what’s really clicking with your target viewers and customers, which storylines compel them most, what messaging resonates best, where their interest starts trailing off, and so on.

Those are the kinds of game-changing qualitative and quantitative insights that allow you to iterate rapidly, make data-driven decisions around your video marketing strategies, double down on those hidden winning formulas, and ultimately get way more ROI from every production dollar you’re investing.

Instead of just shooting wildly in the dark with your video content and hoping it somehow lands, you’ll be able to create in a precisely targeted, intentional, rapidly-optimized way that maximizes eyeballs and, most importantly, drives measurable business results. That kind of surgical, continuous refinement is so powerful.

Seriously Higher ROI & Revenue Potential

This last one is the “so what?” factor you’ve been waiting for… At the end of the day, the main goal of any marketing strategy or campaign you’re investing time and dollars into is to drive an increasingly positive return for your business. That’s what really matters most – not just surface-level engagements and vanity metrics, but actual measurable revenue growth and return on your invested marketing spend.

When leveraged through the right strategic video marketing framework, video content provides the highest-upside potential of any marketing channel out there in terms of multiplicative revenue impact.

Whether it’s amplifying all those factors we covered like click-through and conversion rates, audiences reached, brand recognition, better inbox deliverability and so on – or achieving entirely new levels of lucrative business benefits like higher average order values, more cross-sell/upsell opportunities, increased customer lifetime values, and greater word-of-mouth growth… an integrated, video-centric marketing strategy puts all those potential impact levers at your fingertips.

Essentially, you’re able to drive explosive top-line revenue growth by better attracting and visually selling to new prospective buyers. Then, you’re able to unlock much higher customer lifetime values and long-tail income streams by forging deeper, richer multimedia connections that keep existing customers engaged, satisfied, and eager to spend more with your brand over time.

While video production does require more upfront investment and creative energy compared to just pumping out some blog posts or social text updates, those investments pale in comparison to the ROI windfall video marketing can deliver for your business when executed purposefully. We’re talking complete net profit margins that are multiples higher than anything you’d see from traditional marketing channels.

So, if you’re still sleeping on the true power of video and all the direct revenue you could be unleashing as a byproduct, consider this your wake-up call! You’ve now got a full briefing on the vast number of incredible benefits and lucrative business impacts that await any brand willing to level-up their video marketing game.

Just remember – consistently creating interesting, engaging, high-quality video content needs to become a core priority and competency for your marketing team. You’ve got to commit to finding ways to thoughtfully integrate video into all your existing channels and campaigns, from email, to organic and paid social, to website/landing pages, to sales efforts, and beyond.

But you heard it here first: For those willing to invest in harnessing the insane potential of video content marketing the right way over the coming years, the revenue growth and ROI rewards will be tremendous. Those who still resist video and cling to old static, one-dimensional marketing methods will fall further and further behind in a world that’s rapidly shifting to be even more video-centric, experiential, and multimedia-driven.

So don’t be that marketer or brand… Instead, carve out your seat at the forefront of this rapidly growing video revolution. Do it thoughtfully and strategically. And start reaping the myriad benefits we covered today, from expanded reach and higher conversions all the way up to dramatically amplified revenue and business growth quarter after quarter.

Now get out there and start telling your brand’s story in rich, engaging, audiovisual ways that connect with modern viewers on a deeper level!